Welcome to Allamandas School

Allamandas School has a friendly ethos and a small class size for every age group which allows us to fulfill the needs of our children and impart quality education.

As each child continues his journey through primary, secondary and senior secondary school, he is able to move forward at the right time in the right manner with highly competitive spirit and grow into an independent, responsible human being aspired for sporting glory and academic success.

Our Pedagogy

PROVEN : Our ‘Pedagogy’ is time-tested and proven over a century.
POWERFUL : We have a very powerful comprehensive General studies, Math and Language Programme .
PERSONALISED : Every Child gets individual attention for every chapter presentation.


We follow CBSE curriculum (Class 1 to Class XII). Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a bord of education for public and private schools under the union govt of india.

1. Carefully Designed Classrooms.

Large and highly ventilated classrooms designed very carefully to meet the needs of every child to move around freely, choose their subjects to learn any number of times he/she wants and take the tests subsequently.

2. Introducing Unique Science of Test Taking.

Unique answering techniques which help save time and take tests the smarter way for any number of times till the child achieves command and ease over the topic

3. The Best Resource Material, 'PERSONALLY ' hand - Picked.

Best resource material, personally hand - picked for our children as well as up to date relevant , comprehensive study material developed at the Allamandas School's Development cell.

4. A Learning Experience like Never Before.

Smart classes provided for our children any number of times he/she longs for. With digital contents of Allamandas School's Digi class, we kindle the quest for knowledge and curiosity.

5. Round- the - Clock Assistance.

Assistance which no other school provides. We give 24×7 ‘doubt-clearing' assistance to our parents on - line and 5 days a week 'doubt - clearing' assistance to our children.

6. Learning Happens only at School.

Our teachers who are well qualified in their respective subjects and are well trained under Allamandas School always believe that "LEARNING " happens only at school. Hence we believe in NO 'HOME - WORK '.

Holistic Development

Learning is about more than the formal classroom curriculum. Our children have wonderful opportunities to develop not only through their unique talents but also through sheer 'WILL-POWER' to explore the unaware subjects.

Learning to save and conserve water, taking care of plants and pet animals, growing plants and harvesting crop, cooking the harvested crop, learning to recycle waste, making kitchen compost, using the compost in kitchen gardening in keeping with principles of permaculture.


Language is a very important subject for our children. English being the medium of instruction, "ENRICHMENT " of English language becomes our priority. "STORY tellers of ALLAMANDAS " is one such programme in drama & theatre where PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT and COMMUNICATION SKILLS are nurtured.


Empowering our children to aspire for sporting glory; Inter - House sporting competitions are major school events. Matches are held between the alumni and the current students. The school is equipped with : Skating Rink, Basketball Court, Badminton Court, Valleyball Court, Football Field, Running Track, Swimming Competition Pool, Indoor Sports like Table Tennis, Chess & Carrom Board.


  1. image
    Beautifully designed and well furnished campus building.
  2. image
    Best of classroom overall infrastructure (international standards) air conditioned auditorium.
  3. image
    Smart - Classes with digital contents developed at the Allamandas School's research & development cell.
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    Allamandas's reading room, a book library, very carefully designed with hand picked books.
  5. image
    equipped with 48 CCTV surveillance cameras.
  6. image
    Specially designed kitchen for cooking classes.
  7. image
    Spacious dining area, clean and tidy, ventilated rest rooms.
  8. image
    Dramatics & theatre classes conducted by our special team "STORY tellers of ALLAMANDAS”.
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    Well equipped computer lab & science lab.
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    Large kitchen garden with every vegetable crop.
  2. image
    Playground with child friendly play equipments.
  3. image
    Specially designed ballet - dance and aerobics room.
  4. image
    Specially designed art room.
  5. image
    Music & dance classes are conducted.
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    Fire extinguishers installed at regular intervals and emergency exit doors in all four directions.
  7. image
    Emergency medical kit and necessary referral to nearby hospitals when required.
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    Transport service with GPS and camera installed inside the vehicles with a female attendant.